Компания Hilong Pipeline заключила контракт стоимостью не менее 67,6 млн юаней на оказание услуг по нанесению антикоррозионного и утяжеляющего покрытия на трубы для Sinopec Petroleum Engineering & Construction Shengli Corporation («SPECSL»)

Hilong Pipeline Engineering Technology Services Co., Ltd. recently concluded a contract for anti-corrosion & concrete weight coating processing of steel pipes with Sinopec Petroleum Engineering & Construction Shengli Corporation («SPECSL»).

Under the contract, Hilong Pipeline will provide 3PE anti-corrosive coating, concrete weight coating, and aluminum alloy anode installation services for a liquefied natural gas project in Zhejiang, China, valued at no less than RMB 67.6 million.

«Winning this contract further highlights the integrated service capability of Hilong in the field of pipeline anti-corrosion, and also indicates that Hilong’s pipeline engineering technology and service capability have been recognized and praised by major operators in the industry. We believe that this contract will not only further deepen the cooperation between Hilong and Sinopec Oilfield Service Corporation (SSC), but also lay a foundation for Hilong to further expand the domestic pipeline anti-corrosion market,» Xue Zhijun, vice president of Hilong Group and general manager of the Pipeline Technology and Services Business Unit, said.

Sinopec Petroleum Engineering & Construction Shengli Corporation («SPECSL»), wholly-owned by Sinopec Oilfield Service Corporation (SSC), is mainly engaged in ground construction projects involving oil and gas field production, offshore platform construction projects, and long-distance pipeline projects.