Компания Hilong выиграла контракт по нанесению антикоррозионного и утяжеляющего покрытия на 137 млн юаней в рамках проекта строительства причала в Бенгальском заливе

(August 3, 2018, Shanghai) Hilong Pipeline Engineering Technology Service Co. Ltd has recently been awarded a pipeline anti-corrosion and weighted coating processing contract by China Petroleum Pipeline Coating Engineering Co..Ltd. The total consideration under the contract is no less than RMB 173 million.

Under the contract, Hilong Pipeline will supply anti-corrosion coating, concrete weighted coating as well as sacrificial anode protection installation for a single-point mooring project with a double pipeline to be built at the Bay of Bengal.

“The contract marks another significant breakthrough of Hilong’s pipeline technology and service. It demonstrates Hilong’s integrated services capability in the oil pipeline anti-corrosion sector, and also shows that Hilong’s capability in pipeline engineering and services has been accepted and highly recognized by major operators in the industry.” Hilong Vice President and Pipeline Technology and Services Business General Manager Xue Zhijun said:” This contract has further paved the road for Hilong to continue to expand into the broader pipeline anti-corrosion market in China.”