Компания Hilong Nigeria удостоена высшей награды в области промышленной безопасности и охраны труда от Shell Upstream Albania

Recently, Hilong Nigeria Oil Service received the “Safety Leadership Award” issued by Shell Upstream Albania B. V. at the SPDC JV Contractor CEO Safety Leadership Conference held in Lagos, once again affirming Hilong Oil Service’s leading position in this field, based on its operation and management philosophy on safety and environmental protection.

The Conference is themed on safety and collaboration, and its highlight is the presentation of awards to contractors excelling in the field of safety. In the three levels of awards, the “Safe Leadership Award” is of the highest level presented to Shell’s contractors who have taken the lead in safety leadership.

Ten of Shell’s IADCs (international association drilling contractors) were shortlisted for the awards, and based on a series of rigid assessments, Hilong Nigeria Oil Service won the top award. Peter Costello, Vice President of Shell Nigeria, personally presented the award to Zheng Guoqi, the General Manager of Hilong Nigeria Oil Service.

“Today is a day to be proud of. This award is an important incentive for Nigeria Oil Service and even the entire Hilong Oil Service. It also signifies that Hilong has taken a step forward towards becoming the world’s leading drilling service contractor in terms of safety management, and has been recognized by the world’s mainstream high-end market”, said Zheng Guoqi in his speech. “Goal Zero has always been the safety management goal of Hilong. We will continue to enhance risk control in safety management and strive to achieve better safety management.”

Since its establishment, Hilong Nigeria Oil Service has never been involved in any casualties or LTI (Loss Time Injury) incidents. After winning Shell’s Best Safety Performance Award of the Year in 2015, it won the first LTI FREE Award in Shell Africa in 2016, by virtue of its zero LTI incident for five consecutive years. Furthermore, Nigeria Oil Service and its HL-19 drilling team also won the Outstanding Management Award for Safety Operation and Outstanding Performance Award for Safe Operation, from Shell.