Компания Hilong Marine Engineering выиграла тендер на реализацию проекта по строительству подводного трубопровода длиной 75 км для нужд China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering

Hilong Marine Engineering (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. (“Hilong Marine Engineering”) successfully won the bid for the China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd. (“China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering”) 75 km offshore pipeline engineering services project.

The engineering services include first-phase and back-end pipe surveys, seabed treatment, construction of submarine pipelines, trenching, backfilling and other engineering services. The contract will be signed in the near future.

Mr. Xiao Long, Vice President of Hilong Group and General Manager of Hilong Marine Engineering, said, “The successful bid is indicative of the wide recognition of Hilong Marine Engineering’s services and technology, in the industry. The project will lay a solid foundation for Hilong Marine Engineering to further expand the international market.”